Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i-5 fun

Some sketchbook drawings of a trip through the central valley. Its very boring after you've driven it a few times, so I tried to make it fun by drawing while in the back seat of the car. The result is a bunch of drawings that barely resemble anything... but it did make the time go by faster.


john skewes said...

Is that a pod racer on the 5? I like these, especially the top one. They remind me a little of Eddie Campbell's scratchy style in "From Hell."

olga m said...

Hi Shawnee,
nice line quality, interesting sketches :)

shawnee said...

Thanks guys, and yeah, its a pod racer... thought i would spice things up a bit. Thanks for the Eddie Campbell reference, i like his style very much. ...And the drive up north is a little "Hellish" in its boredom aspects.